This book has been put together to help you explore Business Process concepts and to understand what BPM really is all about.

We wrote this book for YOU — the individual. You may be a business executive, manager, practitioner, subject matter expert, student, or researcher. Or maybe an ambitious career individual who wants to know more about business process concepts and/or BPM, what it is all about and how to apply it.

This, The Complete Business Process Handbook, provides a comprehensive body of knowledge written as a practical guide for you – by the authorities that have shaped the way we think and work with processes today. You hold the first of three books in the series in your hand.

The first volume endows the reader with a deep insight into the nature of business process concepts and how to work with them. From BPM Ontology, semantics, and BPM Portfolio management, to the BPM Life Cycle, it provides a unique foundation within this body of knowledge.

The second volume bridges theory and application of BPM in an advanced modelling context by addressing the subject of extended BPM.

The third volume explores a comprehensive collection of real-world BPM lessons learned, best practices, and leading practices examples from award-winning industry leaders and innovators.

We wish you well on your Business Process journey and that is why we also have invested years putting this Handbook series together. To share the knowledge, templates, concepts, best and leading practices. To ensure high quality and standards, we have worked and coordinated with standard development organizations like ISO- International Organization for Standardization, OMG- Object Management Group, IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, CSIR- Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, NIST- National Institute of Standards and Technology, MITRE- a Federally Funded Research and Development Center, CEN- European Committee for Standardization, The Security Forum, W3C- World Wide Web Consortium, and LEADing Practice.

We have also identified and worked with leading organizations and with their process experts/architects, and have described their practices. Among them are Lego, Maersk Shipping, Carlsberg, FLSmidth, the US Government, Airfrance, KLM, German Government, SaxoBank, Novozymes, the Canadian Government, Dutch Railway, Australian Government and many many more. At last but not least the Global University Alliance consisting of over 400 universities, lecturers and researchers,have analyzed and examined what works, again and again (best practice), and what are the unique practices applied by these leading organizations (leading practices). They then identified common and repeatable patterns which provide the basis for the BPM Ontology, BPM Semantics, the BPM standards, and the process templates found in this book.

We hope you enjoy reading it – as much as we did writing it.

The Authors

102 Mark von Rosing
August-Wilhelm Scheer
George Etzel
John A. Zachman
Daniel T. Jones
James P. Womack
Fred A. Cummins
Jeanne W. Ross
Adam D.M. Svendsen
Alex Kokkonen
Andrew Ross
Anni Olsen
Anette Falk Bøgebjerg
Anthony Conlin
Antony Dicks
Asif Q. Gill
Callie Smit
Cay Clemmensen
Christopher K. Swierczynski
Clemens Utschig-Utschig
Dan Moorcroft
David Coloma-Guerrero
Deb Boyid
Dickson Hunja Muhita
Duarte Gonçalves
Ekambareswaran (EK) Balasubramanian
Fabrizio Maria Maggi
Fan Zhao
Fatima Senghore
Fatma Dandashi
Freek Stoffel
Gabriella von Rosing
Gary Doucet
Gert Meiling
Gert O Jansson
Hans-Jürgen Scheruhn
Harald van der Weel
Hendrik Bohn
Henk de Man
Henk Kuil
Jacob L. Gammelgaard
Jeff Greer
Jens Theodor Nielsen
Johan S. Bach
John E. Bertram
John E. Golden
John Martin Rogers
Jonnro Erasmus
Joshua Waters
Justin Tomlinson
Karin Gräslund
Katia Bartels
Keith D. Swenson
Kenneth D. Teske
Kevin Govender
Klaus Vitt
Krzysztof Skurzak
Leann Spurrell
Lloyd Dugan
Lotte Tange
Mads Clausager
Mai Phuong
Maria Hove
Maria Rybrink
Mark Stanford
Marlon Dumas
Mathias Kirchmer
Maxim Arzumanyan
Michael D. Tisdel
Michel van den Hoven
Mikael Munck
Mike A. Marin
Mona von Rosing
Nathaniel Palmer
Neil Kemp
Nils Faltin
Partha Chakravartti
Peter Franz
Philippe Lebacq
Régis Dumond
Rich Hilliard
Richard Fallon
Richard N. Conzo
Robert J. Storms
Rod Peacock
Ronald N. Batdorf
Sarel J Snyman
Simon M Polovina
Stephen A. White
Stephen William Willoughby
Steve Durbin
Thomas Boosz
Thomas Chr. Olsen
Tim Hoebeek
Tom W. Preston
Ulrik Foldager
Vincent J. Snels
Volker Rebhan
Wim PR Laurier
Ýr Gunnarsdóttir
Yury Orlov
Zakaria Maamar