Ýr Gunnarsdóttir

Ýr has over a decade’s experience of leading business strategy and process & performance management initiatives. She has been on the front line in developing Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence approach within multiple Fortune 500 companies. Enabling them to enhance and align strategy, business planning and KPIs with the reality of daily operations and behavioral challenges in the spirit of Continuous Improvement and Operational performance.

Fundamental to delivering above in my experience with some of the larger more complex matrix organisations is establishing a culture of Continous Improvement. One of ways this can be achieved is by understanding what the key business priorities are and aligning them with the desired outcomes.

There is no silver bullet for this but by bringing cross-functional teams together, and facilitating deepended understanding of the specific goals, drivers, key cultural elements and the customer perspective delivers end to end efficiency in a credible and sustainable manner.