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LEAD Project & Certification

We specialize in re-skilling and maturing the IT workforces for the 21st century by tailoring our international acknowledged career path and apply standards to new or existing projects. Our education is tailored to support project result-oriented team certification, new project and framework adoption, re-skilling or IT workforce skills transformation.

Project Angels

We specialize in supporting already started transformation and innovation projects with dedicated project –result-oriented training and hands-on coaching of entire teams, that generate powerful insights that address practical, real-world needs — and we see each project through to completion. By daring to challenge conventional thinking, we create customized approaches.

Framework Adoption

Our focus lies in tailoring and adopting our Enterprise & Industry Standards as well as our Reference Content to help organizations leverage their own standards and best practices. We can help your organization identify needs and wants in order to kick-start, unfold, enable and support you in the development phases from value planning, identification, creation, audits and realization.

Engagement Model Development

We offers to help organization define and implement an effective architecture engagement model. The engagement model provides an approach for IT and architect teams to use in determining what projects architects are assigned to, what documentation will be created for every project in an organization, how to describe value gained from projects, and how to collect that information.

Team Certification

Tailoring our certifications programs in a real-world environment has proven to deliver results to the bottom-line by infusing a new way of thinking, working and modelling. We help organizations evaluate the level of skill for each IT workforce and create a customized learning path to help them grow their career.

Peak Performers

In our experience many organizations have a small number of peak performers in specialist areas such as business modelling, service renewal, process transformation, information management and architecture carrying the main responsibility for innovation, transformation and/or implementation for the entire team or company. Peak performers in these areas can be made and modelled to fit specific needs and their skills, attitudes, and habits mentored.

Many people realize that certain things they should do in a better way, but too often they don’t know how to – or do not get it done at all. We all work against different barriers of understanding the right way of thinking, working and modeling that somehow keep us from doing what is best. Enabling teams to exploit their potential and turns them into action mode.

Rising Star

Our career path offers consulting to help your organization identify and accelerate growth of your junior staff that have the highest potential to become future leaders inside of your organization.

HR Support

We help HR teams effectively organize and screen applicants to match the openings in your organization. We can supply screening questions they can use to determine of the applicant is a good fit for hiring manager phone interview, and then provide an approach for effectively interviewing candidates.