Fred A. Cummins

Fred A. Cummins is a pioneer in enterprise transformation and innovation. He is a former HP and EDS Fellow. He has developed solutions or functioned as an analysis and design consultant across multiple industries including manufacturing and distribution, financial services, transportation, insurance, healthcare and government.

Fred has been co-chair of the Business Modeling and Integration (BMI) task force at OMG (Object Management Group) for 14 years. He has been an active participant in the development of a number of OMG specifications, and most recently was a leader in the development of the Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) specification and the Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) specification. CMMN supports the design of event-driven, adaptive processes to improve planning, coordination and collaboration of knowledge workers. VDML provides a business design abstraction appropriate for business leaders that brings together multiple dimensions of business design including organization, capabilities, processes, resources, performance measurements and the creation and delivery of customer value.

The BMI task force is also responsible for a number of other business-focused specifications including BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), BMM (Business Motivation Model), SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules), and DMN (Decision Model and Notation).

Fred has presented at conferences, authored numerous papers and published three books, most recently Building the Agile Enterprise with SOA, BPM and MBM (Elsevier, 2009).