Joshua Waters

In his work he is specialist as a LEAD Business Architect and with his unique background of business and change management, he is specialised in business innovation and transformation. With the mentioned business knowledge, he mixes his business approach with a blend of business oriented and people change aspects. He applies the mentioned principles to organizations Business Architecture in defining the organizations business relevant meta object and mapping their Competencies, Business Model, Strategy Map. Value Drivers, Performance Drivers, Scorecards and Process Architecture work, e.g. process optimization/innovation, performance and value creation.

In LEADing Practice, Joshua is responsible for the business measurements and performance indicator standards and the relevant reference content. This responsibility included the coordination and leadership of the LEADing Practice +3900 practitioners, as well as the coordination with the +400 Universities, professors, lecturer and researchers from the Global University Alliance.

Joshua is a certified Business Architect as well as LEAD Enterprise Architect.