Ronald N. Batdorf

Ron Batdorf is currently a sought out Government Civilian leader with expertise in Engineering, System Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing Dynamics, and Human Interaction Analysis for US Department of Defense at US Joint Staff.

He provides engineering solutions and thought leadership to the DoD and the Federal Government. Ron has worked as a leader in the defense industry for the US Navy, USACOM, USJFCOM and Joint Staff as well as several years in leadership roles within industry in industrial engineering, business development and overall profit/loss management.

In his previous position, he worked on cloud and IT strategies for US Joint Forces Command. He recently moved on to Joint Staff J6 to work on a defense oriented application lifecycle management platform dynamics. Ron has a keen understanding of multiple engineering disciplines and how system of system engineering is intertwined with human factors. As a leader in the industry he actively engages with Joint Staff, National Labs, other Combatant Commands, Services and Agencies.

Ron has written a White Paper on “New vision for Command & Control”, as well as other thought pieces to include: “Enterprise Architecture Life Cycle”, “Process Oriented Architecture”, “Net-Centric Pyramid” and “Flash Jobs” and others topics related to managing change.

Certified LEAD Enterprise Architect.