Anni Olsen

Anni Olsen has been with Carlsberg since 1976, mainly within process improvement programs and system implementations. Anni is a graduate in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and has many years of experience with the more practical aspects of process improvement and change management.

During the last few years Anni has been part of Carlsberg’s large scale standardization program, BSP1, where she has been part of defining the Carlsberg Business Process Model including its end-to-end processes, level definitions and coverage. Anni has been leading the selection of ARIS as the BPA (Business Process Analysis) tool, as well as the implementation, this included defining both the process mapping standards and establishing the process governance. During the extensive work with mapping all the processes in Carlsberg for the first time she facilitated process integration between different functions and was the link between different aspects such as processes, roles, master data etc. Currently Anni is overall responsible for the process integration and oversees that processing standards are being followed.

Anni has been a key player in implementing Business Process Management in Carlsberg due to her strong capability of bridging systems and processes and ensure adoption in the local business units. Anni trains the local organizations in understanding and using the Business Process Model where she is also often involved in both issue identification and solution support.