Gert O Jansson

Gert has an extensive and broad background from the private sector. His main experience originates from Eastman Kodak Company. He has held several positions within the company in different regions. He has been working for the Scandinavian region, the UK region and also the US and Canadian region.

His background is mainly within Supply Chain, Business Controlling and Project Management. He has been involved in pilot projects, scale and scope projects.

Gert has seen a huge giant such as Kodak trying to adjust and adapt to a never ending changing environment. The Rise and Fall of a Blue Chip Giant. Since he left Eastman Kodak, he has been working as a consultant within other industrial sectors.

Gert is the Vice President of Enterprise Standards at LEADing Practice for North European Region.

He has a University degree in Business and Administration, Diploma in Engineering and is certified as an LEAD Enterprise Architect.