Lotte Tange

Lotte Tange is VP – Business Process & Information Management at Carlsberg. She is a former auditor and has been part of numerous BPM & IT implementation and optimisation initiatives, developing business solutions across different industries, however lately mainly within the FMCG – Beverage segment.

Lotte has been with Carlsberg for 13 years, where she has been heading the development and establishment of Business Process Management, Information Management and Master Data Management as part of the consolidation of acquisitions within the Carlsberg Group. Lotte has been a key driver of the mobilisation and implementation of Carlsberg’s Standardisation Programme (BSP1), where she has been responsible for the business process, master data and BI solution design of Carlsberg’s new operating model in Western Europe, covering all main functional areas such as Sales, Logistics, Planning, Procurement, Production and Finance. One of the key deliverables has been the development and continuous improvement of the standard Carlsberg Business Process Model, where all business processes are mapped, (re)-designed, documented and inter-linked from an End-to-End perspective. The transformational implementation in the business units, shared service centres and central functions has been a pivotal part of Lotte’s achievements, where the new business process model has been instrumental in standardising new ways of working.

Lotte has throughout her career had a central role bridging business and IT, succeeding in optimising business processes, increasing efficiencies and leveraging scale globally.