Jens Theodor Nielsen

Jens Theodor Nielsen, Chief Adviser at the Danish Defence Command, has worked with strategic business development within the Danish Defence since 2006. Over the years, he has contributed to several development initiatives with his strong focus on business optimization and IT alignment. At the Defence Command he holds special responsibility for developing strategic process management initiatives and for promoting the Business Process Management perspective.

Since the year 2000 Jens Theodor Nielsen has also worked with ERP planning. He was a project participant for four years in the SAP implementation project at the Danish Defence Command and worked one year as SAP Consultant for a the consulting company NNIT. Since 2006 he has been a Danish representative in the SAP Defense Interest Group (DEIG).
In 2006 Jens Theodor Nielsen introduced the methodology Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) as a tool for strategic alignment of business and IT at the Danish Defence Command. When the first programme was launched in 2008 he had the lead on developing the programme blueprint and describing an envisaged to-be process architecture. He has since then been a keen ambassador for combining the use of Programme Management with Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management.

Together with retired Commander Senior Grade Torben Claus Dahl from the Royal Danish Navy, Jens Theodor Nielsen has developed The Value Driver Model©, which outlines the interrelationship between strategic Corporate Governance, Core Business, BPM and Management of IT as well as other Capacities. A first version of this model was presented in the publication “Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment” published by SAP Press in 2010. The Value Driver Model© is a private consultancy product and not in use within the Danish Defence.

Jens Theodor Nielsen is a Certified LEADing Enterprise Architect and within networks contributes to the development of BPM and EA thinking. He has lectured on BPM at the IT University in Copenhagen, and he has been invited as speaker at a number of conferences in Europe.