Johan S. Bach

Johan S. Bach has already been involved in large projects with a major focus on Service Oriented Architecture. This has resulted in more efficient development and operational costs reduction with a maximum strong coupling to business innivation. This strong focus led him to the SAP Quaility Award for Large Enterprises in 2010-2011. In order to stay connected with peer organizations he is chair at the SAP Proces Integration community since 2009.

Having a strong technical background, electronics and later technical computer science, he participated in projects like ATM (ABN-AMRO’s automated teller machine), Dutch Railways switch from paper to electronic travel products for the consumer market. Now he’s involved in reoganizing the back office for administering all public transport transactions.

Bach has been active participant within LEADing Practice fromthe early days and has helped to push the LEADing Practice standards within the Dutch Railway. This resulted in a more profound knowledge and wider view on Enterprise Architecture, BPM, SOA and how to use standards. Repositioning and rethinking middleware is giving the company’s, he worked for, the flexibility to be manoeuvrable as the market is dictating.

He is a certified LEAD Process eXpert, LEAD Value eXpert as well as LEAD Enterprise Architect. Johan is furthermore LEADing Practice community founder and member of LeadingPractice Board of Directors, and was co-chairman of that board. A true Thought leader in his field.