John E. Bertram

John E Bertram is a certified LEAD Business Architect. Recognized for his trademark and unique ability to transform and innovate existing business and service models. Translating the “Big Picture” into operational execution by applying leading practice, industry- and best practice with the IT teams.

John is acknowledge for his ability to identify, plan and create value by aligning business strategies with information technologies. Drilling Business Objectives “big-picture” down to Critical Success Factor and Key Performance Indicators at strategically, tactical and operational level on business, technology, and applications.

John is has been instrumental in developing the Call / contact Enterprise Standards with LEADing Practice that interconnects Business Model, Value Management/ Architecture, Measurements, Analytics, Service Orientation, Testing, Process Modelling/ Architecture as well as Information Modelling/ Architecture. Supporting complex organization call/contact centre work effectively e.g. allow an organization to transform its organization to optimize costs and drive out value; draw more direct and explicit links to strategic targets; understand the value potential of call/contact centres by integrating them directly into their core and supporting processes; and finally linking cost to performance – answering client demands in a manner that makes business sense and aligns with acceptable service standards.

John has a passion is to discover the WHY, define the WHAT and deliver the HOW. With a wide range of private and public section experience, John currently works at Canadian Government; responsible for aligning of Project & Portfolio initiatives within its complex environment.