Tim Hoebeek

Tim Hoebeek is a LEAD Enterprise Architect and Principal Consultant at SAP, helping customers with different challenges across various architectural domains. He is primus inter pares for Enterprise Architecture within the SAP EMEA Architect Community.

Before joining SAP, Tim worked as a lecturer at Erasmushogeschool Brussel. He taught Industrial Engineering students as well as prospective bachelors in Applied Computer Science, covering topics ranging from microelectronics to programming and economics. In 2005 he founded IT Business Management Solutions, a new major program focusing on ERP systems, which targeted bachelor students in Applied Computer Science.

Between 2001 and 2005 Tim worked as a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His first research project was on digital media, focusing on new technologies for digital television. Subsequently he worked on a project on innovation in education, concentrating on content and knowledge management and applying these concepts to the integrated education of students of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Tim obtained his degree in Industrial Engineering in 2000, building a distributed home automation system as his thesis project. He received a degree in Management in 2001, a Master in Business Administration in 2002 and a degree in Applied Computer Science in 2006.

Tim holds numerous SAP certifications, technology certifications, and is TOGAF 9 and LEAD Enterprise Architect certified.