Gabriella von Rosing

In her work she is specialist as a Business Architect and the Sustainability development of the Enterprise. She is thereby specialised in business modelling and strategic execution for the development and improvement of an organizations revenue, service and value model as well as cost, performance and operating model. She applies the mentioned principles to organizations Business Architecture in defining the organizations business relevant meta object and mapping a Business Model, Strategy Map. Value Drivers, Performance Drivers, Scorecards and Process Architecture work, e.g. process optimization/innovation, performance and value creation.

In the past years, she has supported, coached and consulted dozens of organizations around the world. Her cross-cultural background as well as her cross disciplinary background of business, economics, change and sustainability theory and practice enables her to work with managers and employees from different companies and of different nationalities and professions.

Gabriella led the development of the LEADing Practice change management standard, with attached change management reference content. This development included the coordination and leadership of 3900 practitioners, +400 Universities, professors, lecturer and researchers (from the Global University Alliance), that among others included:

  • Research and analyse what works around change management (best practice), and what are unique practices for changes applied by leading organizations (leading practices).
  • Identify common and repeatable change patterns which provide the basis for the LEADing Practice Change Management Enterprise Standards.
  • Develop “Change Management Reference Content” that increases the level of re-usability and replication within the field of enterprise modelling, enterprise engineering and enterprise architecture.
  • Extended with change management accelerators that adopt and reproduce the identified change management best practices and leading practices.

Gabriella is a certified Change eXpert & LEAD Business Architect Certified.