Kenneth D. Teske

A results-driven Joint command and control professional with more than 30 years of demonstrated leadership and management success in military, academia and defense contracting organizations from tactical though strategic levels.

Ken has a wide-ranging experience analyzing, determining, articulating, and advocating war-fighters’ command and control requirements improving organizational productivity.

Recognized with the prestigious “FRONTIER RUNNER of the year” (2014) as co-developer of the “Unity of Effort” Framework. Responsible as the Lead Operational Architect of process flows of the “Unity of Effort” Framework .

Ken is a Senior Multi-Discipline Integration Analyst at Cydecor detailed to US Special Operations Command, DOD Joint Staff J6 and the Naval Research Labertory.

Author of numerous articles and professional papers. Retired as a United States Army Sergeants Major from the Department of Defense.

Certified LEAD Enterprise Architecture and Practitioner.