Ulrik Foldager

Ulrik Foldager is a concept developer within all major architecture disciplines, such as Process Architecture, Value Architecture, Service Architecture, Business Architecture and Layered Enterprise Architecture.

His innovative and unconventional way of thinking has often led him to being accused of “thinking out of the box”. This is due to his expertise and area of specialization and unique way of communicating complex scenarios of information into simple models and visualizations that are easy to grasp and comprehend – a powerful tool that enables him to convey complex information to management and stakeholders on all levels across organizational boundaries.

In this book, he has contributed to the authoring of the History of Process Development, Working with Process Templates, BPM Lifecycle, Value-Oriented Process Modelling, BPM Maturity Models as well as around the BPM Way of Training & Coaching.

Ulrik Foldager is Head of the r Process Architecture at LEADing Practice and responsible for Process Reference Content.
Certified LEAD Process Architect, Value Architect and Enterprise Architect.