Deb Boyid

Director BPM/Global Business Architect at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Deb has over 30 years of experience specializing in the areas of process methodology and is now the Business Process Management Accountable for managing the activities necessary to develop and sustain Pfizer’s enterprise Business Architecture program.

Responsibilities include managing the activities necessary for the development of a robust yet agile Business Architecture repository, ensuring; alignment between SAP Solution Manager and ARIS process objects, alignment of Business Processes with Business Intelligence metrics, linkage with SAP training curricula, integration with Lean/Six Sigma initiatives.

Additionally responsible for providing thought leadership on BPM direction and trends within the industry, keeping abreast of emerging BPM tool suites, and developing courseware in support of the Business Architecture program.

Deb was a contributing author to the book Business Process Management: The SAP Roadmap published in November 2008. Deb has received awards for the Best Practice Partner for Process Measures and Analytics: The Right Data for the Right Decisions by APQC in 2008, Emerging BPM Best Practice by APQC in 2005, Business Process Excellence Verve Award at Process World in 2007, and the Pfizer PGS Mission Award, November 2012.