The Business Process Management Way of Training and Coaching


The high demand for skilled and experienced process professionals to both lead and participate in business process management (BPM) initiatives, has created a major skills gap that traditional BPM and BPM notation bodies of knowledge and certifications do not meet. In this part, we elaborate on the way of process training.

The way of training focuses on the most effective way to build and mature cross-disciplinary competencies across the breadth of the ways of thinking, working, modeling, implementing, and governance. We advocate an approach that uniquely combines training and coaching with hands-on experience by using all of these disciplines in context with real-life process-oriented projects so as to address the existing knowledge gap.

In this part we explore a standardized and common way to train process professionals with a detailed career path for process experts, process architects, and process engineers. The result is that we turn traditional process education into performance-based project coaching that provides a different set of cost–benefit value ratios, representing the most effective way for organizations to build their process skills.