The BPM Way of Modeling


Part IV provides practical and essential guidance to the “Way of Modeling ” with and around business process concepts. Part IV outlines the approach the practitioner follows to apply principles for representing process and making an objective assessment of the possible. By using decomposition and composition modeling techniques within the different layers, for example, business, application, and technology, the approach provides you, the practitioner, faced with real world challenges, a uniform and structured description of the model objects and artifacts within one or more different types of models.

Identifying and classifying the different objects, for example, business information and/or data, is not always easy, relating such to the process and/or service model as well as the execution and realization of such into application software solutions is also quite complex. The ways to model one’s process models both in terms of EPC-Event-Driven Process Chain from ARIS (Software AG), with examples of information and process models, BPNM, to value-oriented process modeling, and sustainability modeling, is the focus of Part IV.