Henk Kuil

Henk Kuil, Bachelor ICT, specialization Software Engineering in 1987, During his study his fascination has been initiated for meta programming and meta languages. He started work at the Medical Informatics in Rotterdam as a co-researcher in a Phd-dissertation on Self-Descriptive Data Models for User-level integration. Equipped with the academic background, Henk moved to a small business startup, specialized in knowledge-based systems, where he worked on one of the first commercial data mining systems, CAPTAINS, used by KLM to assist cockpit career planners at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Currently Henk works as a LEAD enterprise architect at the MRO business of AirFrance / KLM, where he is involved in re- design of the enterprise architecture and the application landscape. Moving from non-standard processes and custom applications to standard processes based on 3 COTS application suites.

He is a certified LEAD Process eXpert, LEAD Value eXpert as well as LEAD Enterprise Architect. Henk is furthermore LEADing Practice community founder and member of LeadingPractice Board of Directors, and was co-chairman of that board from 2012 to 2014.