Anthony Conlin

Anthony Conlin is responsible for the Architecture and Business Improvement at Shell. Shell has undertaken Process Standardisation at a Global scale that has resulted in over 30,000 documented processes, established process governance, and process stewardship delivered by a network of process architects. These processes have supported the transformation agenda, and with the inclusion of Enterprise Data and Governance, the inter-play between process, data and the solutions landscape that supports the Business is helping to create greater clarity and value.

With Mobile, Cloud, Agility and Big Data playing an increasing role in shaping the transformation agenda, Shell anticipates an increase in Business and IT Ecosystem complexity, where the enterprise boundaries become more blurred. How (and who) will deliver the capabilities set out in the process designs, and how can we ensure (measure) these are delivered and continually improved to meet expectations and compliance?

This session will explore the transition from Process Design-Time to Process Run-Time and how this will: Drive process improvement and capability, delivery and provide tools to support a more complex Business and IT Ecosystem.